1968 - Tết Mậu Thân, hẳn ai cũng nhớ đến cuộc chiến chống Mỹ, những hy sinh của bao con dân Việt Nam, bao đau thương còn thổn thức đến tận bây giờ. Nhưng đối với tôi, tết Mậu Thân năm đó là một điều tuyệt vời, bởi đó là lúc mẹ tôi được sinh... Continue Reading →


30 Tết

30 Tết năm nay thật sự buồn. Vài ngày trước Tết, mẹ bắt đầu được nghỉ. Mẹ ho, mẹ mệt. Chỉ được nhìn mẹ qua màn hình điện thoại, nghe tiếng nói của mẹ, thấy thương mẹ lắm. Bao nhiêu cái vất vả của cuộc đời, mẹ đều gánh cho cả nhà. Quầng mắt mẹ... Continue Reading →

Review Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

It takes a long time to find this movie on the Internet (even though it is not too old). But it’s totally worth it. The thriller is great, crazy, violent and a little bit twisted. Viewers also can see a different Robert Downey Jr., long before Sherlock and Iron Man. This is the first movie... Continue Reading →

Review In your eyes (2014)

Today I accidentally download a romance movie because I mistyped the correct one. I’m about to delete it but when I check on google that movie, the main actress is quite attractive. OK, let’s watch it. “In Your Eyes” is a romance sci-fi movie. The movie is about a man and a woman is linked... Continue Reading →

Review Everybody Says I Love You (1996)

Today I watch “Everybody says I love you”. It’s not one of the best movies of Woody Allen but still interesting enough to keep me until the end. “Everybody says I love you” is a musical comedy movie written and directed by Woody Allen in 1996. The movie is the great combination of singing, dancing,... Continue Reading →

Review Room (2015)

Back to 2015, one of my favorite movies was Room. Even in February 2016 when the 88th Oscar came, most people didn’t know this movie. I had tried google the name of the movie and I nearly find nothing. I can’t understand why people can ignore this movie. I love every movie about motherhood and... Continue Reading →

Review The Apartment (1960)

Today is one cloudy heavy raining day and I spend my whole day watching classic movies. For a long time, I prefer nowadays movies, mostly because they are easier to find and download, they come in color, and they are in HD quality. But recent years, I’ve fallen in love with classic movies. Even though... Continue Reading →

Film editing with Walter Murch

Good editing makes the film look well-directed. Great editing makes the film look like it wasn’t directed at all. (Victor Fleming – 1939) Movie editing has never been an easy job, it requires hard work, super sense of detail, deep knowledge of story-telling, color theory, music, etc. But people don’t really recognize their work and... Continue Reading →

Review Manchester by the sea (2016)

Manchester by the sea got 6 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best supporting Actress, and Best Original Screenplay. I hope in the next few days, this film will win some golden statues because it has many hidden gems. The first thing I have to mention in this movie... Continue Reading →

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